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How to Make a High Quality Gift Boxes

7 step production process of gift box. Ideal fine packaging believes that the gift box is different from the traditional gift box. In the selected experiential gift box, there are a series of carefully selected enjoyment and services. What is presented is a unique and wonderful experience. Generally, the self-selected experience gift box is small and exquisite in appearance. Each gift box contains exquisite cards or self-selected manuals, representing more than a dozen businesses and their services. The recipient is free to choose a service he likes.

Making process of gift box and packing box:

1. Design and proofing, design the pattern according to the requirements, culture, product characteristics, etc. According to the drawing, make the sample. The present gift box is exquisite in appearance and beauty, so the plate colors are also various. Generally, a style of gift box has not only four basic colors but also several spot colors, such as gold and silver, which are spot colors.

2. Handmade bamboo basket packaging, pure original ecology, novel design, durable, low-carbon environmental protection, can be widely used in fruits, fungi, eggs, food, pickled products and other agricultural and sideline products packaging.

3. Select cardboard. The general gift box cardboard is made of cardboard or long cardboard. High grade wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. The cardboard with thickness of 3mm-6mm   is used to mount and paste the outer decorative surface manually, and then it is bonded. To be careful

4. Printing and gift box only use printing wrapping paper, mounting paper could not be printed, at most, it's only dyed. Because gift box is an outer packing box, printing requires a high technology, and the most taboo is color difference, ink point and bad plate, which affect the aesthetic. A kind of

5. Surface treatment: the wrapping paper of gift box usually needs surface finishing, the common ones are over gloss glue, over mute glue, over UV, over gloss oil and over mute oil.

6. Die-cutting, die cutting is an important link in the printing process. To do the die cutting accurately, the knife need to be made accurate. If the die cutting is not good, the die cutting is biased, and the beer continues to affect the subsequent processing.

7. A kind of mounting, usually the printed matter is mounted first and then die cutting, only the gift box is mounted first and then die cutting, one is afraid of making paper wrapped in flowers, the other is that the gift box pays attention to the overall beauty, and the paper mounting of the gift box must be made by hand, so as to achieve certain beauty.

All in all, choosing a reliable like Shenzhen Zhibang Packaging and Printing Co.,Ltd and keeping an eye on those 7 steps is the best way to make a high quality gift box, if you want to learn more about how to make a high quality gift box, you can visit for the details.

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