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How to make good use of color in product packaging design?

How to make good use of color in product packaging design?
Color is an important element in product packaging planning. As an important part of the overall planning, it not only plays a role in beautifying product packaging, but also plays a role in product sales and marketing that cannot be ignored. Features. In a dazzling array of shopping malls, colors can have a fierce reflection on consumers, make them associate, and arouse the desire to buy. This is being valued by more and more companies and product packaging planners.
1. Textile packaging boxes: The hierarchical relationship of black, white, and gray is often used, and comparison is sought in the reconciliation; women's textiles mostly use beautiful and elegant colors.

2. Pharmaceutical packaging boxes: simple cold and warm colors are commonly used. For example, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow indicate nourishment, nutrition, and invigorating; cool gray and green paving indicate tranquility, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, etc.; black indicates toxic; red and black blocks indicate highly toxic, etc.

3. Cosmetic packaging box: commonly used soothing and soft center color. For example, pink, pink, and light rose red are used to indicate softness, fragrance, and dignity; for some male cosmetics, black or gray is sometimes used to indicate seriousness.

4. Agricultural and sideline food packaging boxes: commonly used light, bright colors. For example, red, orange, and yellow are used to indicate aroma, sweetness, freshness, etc.; white and blue indicate coolness, cleanliness, and hygiene; serious and simple complex colors indicate the mellow aroma and long history of the wine. They are great for promoting appetite and arousing desire for consumption.

5. Children's products packaging boxes: often compare intense colors or dazzling pure colors to show liveliness and vividness.

Finally, it should be noted that the application of color in product packaging explores human consumption thoughts, based on people's associations and habits of color, and has undergone a high degree of change and exaggeration in order to seek novelty. Different people's thoughts on color are messy, and different countries, regions, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, etc. will be different, and they should be used flexibly in detailed product packaging planning.


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