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Analysis of factors affecting the price of gift box packaging

Many customers directly asked the gift box packaging manufacturer when they said, I want to make a gift box, a higher grade, how much is it? After accounting by the sales man, it can only give an approximate cost, even if it is the cost of two gift boxes that look almost the same may actually vary. Today I will share with you a brief introduction of the cost factors that affect gift boxes.



Gift packing boxes can be roughly divided into paper boxes, leather boxes, wooden boxes, etc. according to the material. The unit cost of different materials varies greatly. For the same material, taking paper as an example, the cost of coating white leather is much higher than ordinary white leather. The same paper materials have different weights and different costs. Now that the price of paper has risen, the cost naturally fluctuates.

Finishing and Printing

The more processes, the more complicated the process, and the higher the cost. For example, the same is gold, the fake gold and hot stamping are not the same.



Gift boxes with larger unit sizes have more consumables and higher costs than gift boxes with smaller unit sizes.



Many manufacturers, especially custom manufacturers, will set an MOQ, because if you buy a small amount of product, you also need to open the mold, charge the mold opening fee, the mold opening fee, the knife version fee, etc. are evenly distributed to each gift box In general, the cost of a gift box will naturally be high. If the amount is large, the mold opening fee and knife version fee shared on each gift box can be almost ignored. Therefore, the larger the number, the lower the unit cost of the gift box.


Management and labor cost

Labor compensation, house rents, water and electricity, and transportation in each area directly affect costs. Employee salaries vary in different regions. The rent is different. The season and period are also affected, such as special periods near the Spring Festival. The more urgent the order, the higher the unit product cost.

The above are some of the major factors that affect the cost of gift boxes. I hope everyone knows more about this kind of knowledge. If you have any needs for gift boxes, you can consider consulting Shenzhen Zhibang Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd.
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